Mushrooms Found To Reduce Cancer Risks!

One of the key ingredients that we feature in our liver detox supplement elixir de-liver-ance is poria, a mushroom that has been used since ancient times as a treatment for all sorts of conditions.

In traditional herbal medicine, it’s thought that poria strengthens the spleen and calms the spirit, and we use it in our drink in combination with other extracts to support its beneficial qualities.

If you’ve been enjoying the benefits of our delicious drink and really want to up the ante where your health is concerned, you might want to make sure that your fridge is well stocked with lots of tasty mushrooms, as new research has just revealed that the higher your mushroom consumption is, the lower your risk of cancer!

Carried out by Penn State University, the study found that incorporating any variety of mushrooms into a daily diet can reduce your risk of cancer. Research participants who ate 18g of mushrooms each day had a 45 per cent lower risk of cancer when compared to those who ate no mushrooms at all.

Mushrooms are so very good for us because they contain ergothioneine in them, which is a really strong antioxidant and can help protect your cells from free radicals. King oyster, maitake, oysters and shiitake mushrooms apparently have the highest amounts of this amino acid, but even the likes of cremini, white button and portobello can deliver benefits.

Co-author of the study John Richie said: “Overall, these findings provide important evidence for the protective effects of mushrooms against cancer. Future studies are needed to better pinpoint the mechanisms involved and specific cancers that may be impacted.”

Antioxidants, whether they’re found in mushrooms or elsewhere, are incredibly good for your bodily organs, especially your liver. Your liver works to remove toxins from your bloodstream, which is vital for maintaining health and preventing these toxins from building up.

These antioxidants help your liver’s capacity to carry out its function by suppressing the chemical process known as oxidation. The liver has to tackle the effects of oxidation, as well as ridding your body of toxins, and if it has to do this a lot, it finds itself under oxidative stress, which can make you more vulnerable to disease.

Focusing on your diet can really help where antioxidants are concerned and you can have a great time in the kitchen working out what delicious meals to cook so you know you’re doing all you can to keep yourself in fine fettle.

And, of course, there’s a quick and easy way of giving yourself a bit of a health boost and that’s drinking de-liver-ance on a regular basis! Why not give it a go today and see just how good you could feel?

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