How Does Alcohol Affect Your Liver?

It can be very easy to get carried away when you’re out having fun with friends - and, no doubt, many of you have been very excited to start frequenting your favourite pubs and bars again now they’ve opened their doors following the easing of lockdown restrictions around the country.

But it’s important that you do remember not to overimbibe and give yourself a bit of a break in between heavy nights out or you could be doing serious damage to your liver if you’re not careful.

Drinking too much can result in alcoholic liver disease, something you’re going to want to avoid if possible - so if you know you’ve been painting the town red a lot recently, you may want to consider seeing where you can cut back on the nights out.

The liver is one of the most important organs in the body and has over 500 functions, so keeping it healthy and in good working order should always be a top priority. One of the main functions of the liver, however, is breaking down and filtering out harmful substances in your blood - and it processes the majority of the alcohol you drink.

It takes around an hour for your body to process just one alcoholic drink and this will increase the more you take in, as your liver is only able to process a certain amount at any one time. 

Alcohol abuse will destroy liver cells and lead to scarring of the liver, also known as cirrhosis. You can also end up with alcoholic hepatitis, which could lead to liver cancer - so, as you can see, prioritising liver health is an absolute must.

So how can you go about keeping your liver ticking over properly, without a hitch? Obviously, limiting your alcohol intake is a good first step to take so if you’re drinking a few glasses of wine each night, perhaps be a bit disciplined and say that you will no longer drink during the week.

And if you know that you’re going out a bit too much, why don’t you try and find something else for you and your friends to do together? Socialising doesn’t have to include drinking and you could have just as good a time if you head out into the countryside for a long walk together instead.

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