The Health Benefits Of Honey Revealed!

We all know that honey is a particularly delicious sweet treat, one that can be used in a variety of different ways, whether you want to use it in cakes and biscuits, drizzle it over lots of fruits in a fruit salad, have it in a hot toddy… the options are seemingly endless!

But did you know that honey is also very good for your health? There’s a reason we use it in our antioxidant liver detox supplements, after all. We use an organic raw variety from mesquite trees and orange blossoms, really helping make de-liver-ance an incredibly delicious and healthy drink.

If you choose very high-quality honey for your kitchen cupboards, you’ll have a supply of important antioxidants very close to hand, including flavonoids and organic acids, potentially reducing the chances of heart attacks, some kinds of cancer and strokes.

It can also help reduce your blood pressure, which is a risk factor for heart disease, so if you’re worried in this regard, swapping out granulated sugar for honey (which is just as sweet so a great substitution) could make a difference where this is concerned.

Interestingly, honey can also help heal wounds and it has been used for this particular application for centuries, dating all the way back to ancient Egypt! If you burn yourself cooking at some point, why not try putting some honey on the affected area to see if it helps ease the pain?

Back in 2008, a study was done that suggested that mild to moderate burns actually took less time to heal if honey was applied than other forms of widely-used dressings… so give this a go the next time you catch yourself on the stove or a hot frying pan!

It’s important to make sure that you invest in good-quality honey if you’re looking to add it to your diet, however, as some of the lower-quality ones may feature syrup quite heavily, so may not help your waistline if you want to tone up.

Remember that honey is still a sweetener and it is high in both calories and sugar, so use it in moderation and try not to go overboard, however delicious you may find it.

What is wonderful about honey, however, is just how many different varieties there are, so you can have a great time trying them all to find your favourites. Each one has its own distinct colour and flavour, so it’s simply a matter of taste-testing them all… which sounds like a lot of fun to us.

Where diet is concerned, a key point is that honey is higher in fructose than glucose is, so it’s a lot sweeter - which means you can use a lot less of it in your food and drinks, without having to compromise on taste. We’d love to hear how you use honey at home, so get in touch to let us know.