I am a 73year old man, that loves his tasty cakes, fat foods, beer, and wine. I am from the Czech Republic so in fact it is engraved in my nature. 

It has been 18 years now since I have been diagnosed with diabetes II. 

I will not be writing a novel about it and its great challenges that affected my life but I would really like for you to hear a part of my story…...

You know …. by getting older, not only does everything get more difficult and your body starts to slowly deteriorate, but having to deal with diabetes at the same time, is actually a very big challenge …... especially when you are this comfy comfy, non-sporty, fairly lazy individual like myself.  Not to mention that you can’t really teach an old dog new tricks. 

I came across Deliverance about 8 months ago and about 2 months after I have started my journey with it. The main reason for me was to see if and how it affects my blood sugar levels but I was in for a bit of a surprise! After about 4 weeks not only my morning sugar levels started to drop down to better numbers but I also started to have more steady numbers rather than up and down! After another month I’ve noticed changes in my energy, my sleep, and my sugar levels were better than ever. I’ve decided to take a risk and lower my insulin intake and yet again, Deliverance showed its power! A few weeks later I started to notice that all my old wounds that never healed properly have disappeared and when I accidentally hit my hand or arm, nothing happened …. I mean nothing at all… not even a little bruise or an open unhealed wound I’ve always had! 

My next mission was to see my doc and get my 4 months check up.

Well …. that was it for me! 

My red blood cells were great (fantastic oxygen work in my whole body), my sugars were in good numbers, my immune system was in excellent condition, my vitamin D had risen up super high, my breathing was so much better than I even remember ….. I can keep going …. 

I had so many things tested and almost all had gotten better just after his short time of taking Deliverance. The doctor told me that my Glycemic HbA1c went from average 58 (past few years) to 44. 

I didn’t know what that meant so I asked her what number would I have to reach to be normal (non-diabetic). She looked at me with a smile and said …. well…. you’re basically there. 

I simply couldn’t believe it. Bare in mind, I am an old man with diabetes for almost 20 years, my whole life with horrible diet, lots of alcohol, 60 cigarettes a day and no exercise. 

So my life now? I am still on low insulin, I have removed about 5 medications from my daily intake, once week I go to a pub to drink my beer with friends, few times a week I eat non diabetic sweets, every now and then I have a high carbohydrate meals which I should completely avoid, I sleep like a baby all night, all day I have great energy, I am walking several times a week to run my errands or just to go for walk in a nature, I drink my glass of red wine every night, and guess what … numbers are still getting better!!! I was also told, by several people, that I look younger than 2 years ago. 

So here I am, speaking to you and fully enjoying my life with such a joy!

I believe I will never stop taking my elixir of life and I will keep on going, to get even better than I already am.