As a working Mum of 4 with an extremely busy lifestyle, it is imperative that I take good care of myself. I can’t look after my family if my cup is empty. And instead of sipping herbal tea on Friday night to fill said proverbial cup, I usually wind up going out for dinner and dancing with friends. Since I’m a studied sommelier, wine is very much a part of what I call ‘pleasure’. And since we are based between London and the South of France, we find ourselves often having that extra glass or two. So, when I heard about Deliverance, it was a no brainer. 

If we have had a big night, I’ll down a Deliverance and follow it with a big glass of water. My secret is to then hit the gym and get a cardio session in. I cannot tell how miraculous this has been for me. I find it also gives me added mental clarity before teaching yoga. It heightens my awareness, and this is a beautiful thing. The liver is an amazing organ and affects so much of our overall health and wellness. Deliverance is bang on point for helping you look after your liver. You will literally feel the difference after your first go.

Kerri Moss Beaumont