A combination of 17 natural ingredients to create 1 all-natural elixir that supports your liver through life


Whether you are looking for an immediate clarity boost, or you are looking to fortify your body’s immune system, de-liver-ance will positively influence your entire state of being.

Dr Yadhu Rajalingam
Senior Consultant to the NHS, specialising in Critical Care Medicine and Anaesthetics at Royal Free Hospital, London

Our mission at Equilibrium Labs is to advance the future of liver health.

We're helping to solve the global liver crisis with groundbreaking healthcare; combining nature and technology.

After two decades of research we have developed a proprietary formula that delivers a marked and almost immediate reduction in blood toxins by 42%.

Why have we made this our mission?

Because liver health is a worldwide issue that isn't being addressed.

It is estimated that 1.5 billion people are affected by chronic liver disease, and that 415 million people are living with diabetes globally.

These two figures are expected to continue to rise in the next decade and become responsible for a variety of comorbidities. We are working to neutralise the negative impact of food, pharmaceuticals, and the over-consumption of alcohol to make chronic liver disease and associated conditions, such as cirrhosis, type II diabetes and fatty liver disease a thing of the past.