"DELIVERANCE is a potential life saver!...I've been unwell for the past 30 years with Lupus, which is an illness in the immune system. Due to the Lupus and high dosage of medication I have to take to keep it under control, I have developed a few other health issues such as chronic renal impairment, which meant my kidneys began to drastically deteriorate! After discovering that they were only functioning at 19% and being told that I may need a transplant I was devastated! Not only because I may need the operation, but the thought that a family member may need to help me by sparing one of theirs broke my heart!... At first I kept the news to myself for a good month. It wasn't until one of my daughters accidentally, whilst looking for something, came across the letters I had received. Her worry and the look on her face when she confronted me was what made me realise health is precious and should be looked after! A ray of hope... It was shortly after that I had discovered the product DELIVERANCE! At first I was a little sceptical, mainly because I thought, how could a DELIVERANCE product help my kidneys! But after discovering that it has been proven to benefit overall health and wellbeing, and the fact that it does not contain any form of chemicals, and consists of only natural ingredients, I thought I've got nothing to lose by trying... I was right! I had nothing to lose, buts lots to gain!... After receiving a letter from my regular hospital where I go for routine check ups, I was surprised with the news I had got. The last time I had seen the doctor I was told that the damage to my kidneys were too far gone and that improving the function of them was close to impossible! I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the results. The function of my kidneys had risen from 19% to 21%! I had to read the letter over again to make sure I was reading it correctly! 'This can't be possible' I thought. I had only been taking the DELIVERANCE product for a few weeks prior to having this test done. I was amazed. After sharing the news to my family we all had every bit of faith in the product and that it was helping. After this day I continued to take the product everyday with the feeling of happiness and hope. It was like a little bottle of magic potion. Good news growing strong... I've now been taking DELIVERANCE for 3 months and my last visit to the doctors was yet another great one... My kidneys are now functioning at 24%! I am definitely grateful to have discovered this wonderful product."

– Vijdan Ismail