What Does Your Liver Do, Anyway?

The liver is the biggest solid organ in the human body and, while it’s true that all our organs are relatively essential, without a functioning liver in place you’ll find it hard to survive. 

Whatever we eat or drink, be it alcohol, food, toxins or medication, will be filtered by your liver after it’s been digested and absorbed into the bloodstream. It’s spectacularly good at its job, as well, knowing when to detoxify and flush toxins out, and when to store and release all the lovely nutrients we need.

Another function of the wonderfully multipurpose liver is to keep our blood sugar levels in check. When it processes your food, it removes sugar from the blood and stores it as glycogen. When your blood sugar levels drop, this glycogen is then converted into glucose, giving you a shot of instant energy right into your bloodstream.

But even that’s not it! The liver also breaks down fats in our food, converting any excess carbs and protein to be stored for later use, while recycling our blood by breaking down old or damaged blood cells.

So that’s how important the liver is… but what can you do to keep it in fine fettle? Eating lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, and following a well-balanced diet will really help keep your liver healthy, as well avoiding alcohol or doing your best to reduce the amount you drink.

Something else you could try are herbal supplements for your liver, which can help with natural detoxification, stimulate the organ’s natural processes and boost mental clarity. Science suggests that by supporting and improving liver health, you can make positive changes to your entire state of wellbeing. So what are you waiting for?