What Do You Need To Know About Sugar And Your Liver?

You’re probably aware that alcohol is bad for your liver and you may also be aware that obesity is a risk factor for liver disease, but are you aware of how damaging sugar can be for your liver?

As Newswire recently reported, some studies have shown that sugar can be as damaging for your liver as alcohol, which is a very good reason why you should at the very least reduce your sugar intake.

The news provider explained that refined sugar and high-fructose corn syrup can be particularly damaging for this organ by causing a fatty buildup that can eventually result in liver disease.

Earlier this year, the British Liver Trust revealed that non-alcohol related fatty liver disease is expected to overtake alcohol as the leading cause of liver disease in the UK in the coming years.

Why is sugar so bad for your liver? The reason is that when we eat foods containing sugar, the body converts this to glucose. Some of that glucose is used immediately for energy, but the glucose that isn’t used gets converted to fat and remains in the body. Where do these excess fat cells get stored? Yes, one of the places they are stored is the liver!

Consuming sugar also leads to inflammation within the body, the British Liver Trust explained. Each time you eat sugar, your body releases inflammatory chemicals and, if you regularly consume sugar, the levels of these chemicals can build up to the point where they start to affect our liver and other internal organs.

The good news is that dietary changes and exercising more regularly can largely repair and reverse any damage done to our livers. Taking liver detox supplements may be another option you want to consider too.